An apprenticeship in Las Vegas is a S.N.A.P.

Welcome to the Southern Nevada Apprenticeship Program (SNAP) homepage!  The Training Directors and Apprenticeship Coordinators of the 17 Southern Nevada Building & Construction Trades are pleased to provide you with a one-stop website. This website will provide you important information on exactly what each Trade does for a living and as well as offering guidelines on apprenticeship opportunities and their application procedures.

What is an Apprentice?

An apprentice is someone who learns a trade or skill under the supervision of a skilled worker, often referred to as a Journeyman.  Apprenticeship is the relationship between an employer and an apprentice employee during which the apprentice learns a specific trade.  An apprentice who completes the term of apprenticeship is granted the privileges of journeyman status, however the term of apprenticeship varies by trade and may range from 1 to 6 years.

When entering a trade through an apprenticeship program, one receives the benefits of employment, education and union membership.  During the term of apprenticeship, an apprentice is required to complete a specific number of hours on-the-job as well as in the classroom.  Apprentices are paid as employees according to specific scale set forth in the standards established for the program.  Generally an apprentice's pay starts at about half of the journeyman wage scale but is upgraded periodically to reflect the increased skill and experience of the apprentice.

An additional benefit is the recognition as a skilled worker one receives by graduating from a program of apprenticeship.  Studies have shown that in a comparison of apprenticeship graduates to other craftg workers, apprenticeship graduates work more steadily, learn the trade faster, are more productive, work safer and are more likely to be supervisors.

Apprenticeship programs are found in a variety of trades.  Information on the many apprenticeship programs affiliated with the Southern Nevada Apprenticeship Program are found within this website.  When selecting a trade, prospective apprentices should consider the vocational characteristics of the trade as well as the program qualification and the employment opportunities available in each field.  Other relevant considerations are the training facilities available, work environment, tools needed, union membership and its costs.  Also, college credit is often given for learning through an apprenticeship program.

Once you have considered the apprenticeship programs within this website, you are encouraged to contact the facilities in person to have your questions answered and make application.  Be aware that many programs take application only a specific times during the year and that the number of acceptances made may be limited.

The Training Directors and Apprenticeship Coordinators of the Southern Nevada Apprenticeship Program hope that the information contained within this website will aid prospective apprentices in making important career choices by showing Apprenticeship as a viable educational choice for your future.

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What Does S.N.A.P. Stand For?

SNAP stands for Southern Nevada Apprenticeship Programs.  Training Directors and Apprenticeship Coordinators representing the Southern Nevada Building Trades Unions meet monthly to discuss common interest dealing with operating and managing union apprenticeship programs.  Meeting discussions focus on the sharing of ideas and methodology towards program improvements while conducting apprentice candidate selection, apprentice training, shared outreach efforts and ensuring the success of indentured apprentices.